Book an intervention by lsabelle Boni-Claverie. The director and author of TOO BLACK TO BE FRENCH is today a reference on questions of coexistence, both internationally and in France.

She will share the fruits of years of research and exchanges with academics, scientific experts and activists on the ground. She is a choice interlocuter for speaking about the sensitive subjects of racism, discrimination and inequality, in respect of all. Keynote speeches, seminars, conferences, round tables: whatever the format your event takes, we will offer a tailor-made response to suit the interests of your organization.



Community tensions are worsening in France, fed by prejudice and fears. It is more urgent than ever to appease conflicts and establish cooperation between communities.
These events are aimed at: companies, associations, collectivities, schools, universities, other training organizations, and so forth.


Isabelle addresses the question of coexistence in a free and easy, dispassionate way, without equivocation or taboos. The discussion time may comprise:

 • Screenings or readings, followed by book signings

Discussion time or Q&As

A reflection on the state of intercultural relations in France

Discovering the origins of French racism and its roots in France’s colonial past

Analysis of the values of French citizenship

Analyzing representations of black people in French film and television

Examining coloniality in African cinema

Exploring possible ways of improving intercultural relationships

Your own desire and hope to become an actor of the change you would like to see in society or in your company.


Isabelle is regularly invited by an array of international organizations. Among the most prestigious are Columbia University and the UN in New York, the latter recently asking Isabelle to speak about the condition of black women in France.


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