Equality is also measured in the access citizens have to staple products and basic services, which should be easily and unrestrictedly accessible to all. In our digital era and times of collaborative economics, BE NAPPY is committed to the capillary satisfaction of its African and Afro-descendant clients in France, whatever their nuances of hair color, texture or length.

Co-founded in 2016 by Michaël Mouity Nzamba, this reservation platform makes home hair appointments accessible, easy, and flexible. Box braids, crochet braids, braids, locks, care, cuts, and special occasion styles are just a click away.

HAPPYCURIST is a consulting firm specializing in communications, content production and agile project management. An actor for change specializing in multicultural marketing, it develops and accompanies projects that are meaningful, push boundaries, offer added value, improve the lives of communities and build bridges between France, Africa and the French Overseas Territories.

HAPPYCURIST has helped organizations grow in a wide range of sectors: beauty, fashion, lifestyle, health, media, high-tech, culture, and the social and solidarity-based economy.

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